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Grants & Editing Department

Ponce Research Institute is pleased to offer our grant-seekers a full line of grant and editing services to all of PRI’s research community. Grant preparation, writing, reviews, editing, seeking, formatting, and more are available within the Department. Additional editing services are also available for manuscripts, articles, case studies, and other documents related to publication support. To request services from the Grants & Editing Department, please refer to the specific service areas below.

Grant Preparation

Grant support is offered to all PRI Investigators, Postdocs, Research Students, and the full PRI research community. In addition to grant editing services, the Department also helps guide Investigators in developing and writing grant submissions. Technical assistance is provided in all aspects of the writing process from preparing a competitive Specific Aims page, to ensuring strong, innovative submission strategies, and guiding investigators in building a narrative with a compelling overall impact that clearly aligns with the mission, vision, and funding opportunity announcement (FOA) goals.

The Department assists with an FOA checklists to help guide the Investigator in all aspects of the grant requirements including letters of support, institutional requirements, facilities and data sharing policies, biographical sketches, formatting, among other requirements. The Department also offers the following templates to assist Investigators with a more efficient grant preparation process.
Request Template of Your Choice

Grant-Seeking Support

The Department offers full grant seeking support to the PRI research community through various grant list servs and funding resources. Grant Opportunity emails are sent out monthly from the Department containing various funding opportunities that meet the needs of PRI Investigators who have set up their specific grant interests with the Department. To ensure that the Department has your grant interest on file, you can set up an individual Grant Interest meeting (in-person or virtual) with the Department by Tacia Torres. Please be prepared to share your topics of research interest, publication success, previous funding history (researchgate), PRI research position, and possible key search terms to better assist the Department with your specific funding needs.

Standard Operating Procedures

The PRI research community is encouraged to seek the full services of the Grants & Editing Department to support their efforts in competitive, success grant research submissions. The following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are in place for all PRI faculty, postdocs, students, staff, and the research community when submitting grants through the Institution.
Grant Submission Policy & Procedures 2020

Editing Services

Editing services are available to all PRI investigators, postdocs, research students, and the full PRI research community upon request. Services cover the five primary types of editing: developmental, structural, copy, line, and mechanical. The Department ensures to accompany the author in every step of the manuscript and publication process. Researchers can meet with the editor before, after, and during their manuscript writing process to discuss any necessary questions, comments, or revisions prior to journal submission. The Department’s services can prove vital for researchers, as it can ensure and instruct them on plagiarism, and bypass the unpleasantness of receiving their manuscripts from publishers with avoidable mistakes such as grammar and formatting.

Publication is the end goal of all research. An increase in publications garners more grant opportunities. The Grants & Editing Department is committed to helping PRI investigators achieve this goal. The Department also tracks all publications via REDCap database, reinforcing the importance of investigators informing their successful journal acceptance. You can update your publication success by entering your accepted manuscripts directly in REDCap at: Please click here to request a template of your choice.

Publication Request Submission Form (send to Alina Cruz)
How to Write a Successful Manuscript (Please request this file to Alina Cruz or Tacia Torres)

Ponce Research Institute is proud to offer a full line of Grants & Editing services as a valuable resource to the full PRI research community. In collaboration with the PRI Office of Research Development, the Grants & Editing Department looks forward to your successful grant and publication seeking and submission. If you have additional questions regarding the Grants & Editing Department services, please email Tacia M. Torres, for more information.
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