Institutional Review Board (IRB)

CITI Program Logo
PHSU-PRI is affiliated with the “Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative – CITI Program – for the provision of online training for our faculty, students and staff (
  • You must use the institutional email address when registering
  • The institution for affiliation – Ponce Medical School Foundation
For Citiprogram Quick Guide, click here —————- **Training certificates are valid for three years** Mandatory Courses:
  • Question #4: Human Subjects Research (choose the one)
– Biomedical Basic Refresher/Research (School of Medicine) – Psychology (PsyD) – Social and Behavior Research – Applies only if you are from the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • Question #8 – Information Privacy Security for Students and Instructors
  • Question #9 – Public Health Research – Applies only if you are from the Public Health Program
Other Courses (MANDATORY FOR Specific Settings):
  • Question #3 – Good Clinical Practice – Researchers in Clinical Trials and Clinical Research (If you work in a hospital setting)
  • Question #6 – Biosafety (if the study involves saliva or blood samples)
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