Animal Research Facilities


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  • Establishment of colonies of animals, especially rodents, for experimentation.

  • Provision of animal care (food, water, and bedding) under the optimal environmental conditions, in addition to care of animals during experimentation.

  • Training and information for researchers and technicians in regard to the animals they intend to use for their studies.

  • Provision and coordination of Continuing Education related to animal care and use.

  • Facilitation of retrieval of information on the characteristics of species for those interested in the use of laboratory animals.

  • Encouragement of student involvement from schools and universities interested in scientific research.

  • Compliance with all regulations, laws and requirements that apply to this type of facility for the maintenance of its accreditations.

  • Provision of veterinary medical services (regular and emergency) to ensure the health and well-being of the animals in the Facilities.


The facility was originally built in early 1980 on the premises of the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. The USDA granted certification as facilities for Scientific Research # 94-R-0010 that same year. In 1983 Ponce School of Medicine and the Catholic University of Puerto Rico joined forces to submit a federal proposal, and received the necessary funds for refurbishment of the facilities in order to comply with more stringent federal requirements. At this time our research facilities were recognized by the USDA as the best throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In 2005, after receiving additional NIH funding, we completed construction of the current animal facility. In 2007 the President and Dean Dr. Raul Armstrong officially inaugurated the new building “Animal Research Facilities”.
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Kenira Thompson, PhD
Institutional Official
President of Ponce Research Institute
Vice President of Research, Ponce Health Sciences University

Caroline Appleyard, PhD

Lissette Laboy Molinari,
Supervisor and Coordinator
Animal Research Facilities

Monica Montalvo, DVM
Staff Veterinarian


Mrs. Lissette Laboy Molinari, Supervisor & Coordinator

Dr. Monica Montalvo, Staff Veterinarian

Mr. Gregorio Cruz, Animal Care Taker

Ms. Carmen Ruiz, Animal Care Taker

Ms. Pamela Santiago, Animal Care Taker

Contact Us

Urb. Industrial Reparada 280
Calle Monterey, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00716

Postal Address
P.O. Box 7004
Ponce, P.R. 00732

Frances Irizarry
IACUC Administrator
Phone: 787-840-2575 Ext. 4752

Jean M. Torres Vázquez
Streamlyne and CITI Program Administrator
Phone: 787-840-2575 Ext. 4754

Lissette Laboy Molinari
Animal House 
Phone: 787-840-2575 Ext. 5653
Fax: 787-841-3330

PHS Animal Welfare Assurance Number: D16-00352 (A3585-1), Effective Dates 8/19/2021 – 7/31/2025
PHS Policy
Accreditation By:
United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) as “Class A Research Facility”: Certified 94-R-9910

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