Clinical Trials Research Division

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate medical, surgical, behavioral, or public health interventions on people. They are the method used to find out if a new treatment is safe and effective in people, like a new drug/vaccine, diet, exercise, or medical device. Also, Clinical trials offer the opportunity to learn if a new treatment has less harmful side effects than the current standard treatment.
Community members are welcome to volunteer and participate in our clinical trials carried out at the CAIMED Center and Clinical Research Office (CRO).

At PHSU, we are committed towards improving patient care and therapeutic outcomes.  Our ambulatory clinical research center (CAIMED) is one of the largest clinical research centers in Southern Puerto Rico. At CAIMED we conduct clinical trials, which allow researchers to determine how safe and effective a new drug or treatment is. Our clinical studies involve patient volunteers, and allow us to improve patient care, provide access to the latest treatment options, and reduce the financial burden of health care. Clinical research aims to provide useful information that will improve the future of medicine and patient care. For more information on specific terms used in clinical research, please go to the Glossary of Terms section in

How To Become a Volunteer Participant

Volunteer participants are essential for clinical research to happen. If you would like to improve medical care for future generations, or if you have a certain disease or illness; experience with a certain disease through friends or family, or have an interest in science, perhaps you could become a volunteer.

You have a choice to volunteer for a clinical study. If you agree to volunteer, our highly qualified staff will inform you on the study, and the potential risks involved. You will decide if you want to participate, and once you are in a study, you may leave it at any time.
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