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STREAMLYNE is an efficient online system for faster review and online approval. The primary objective of the implementation of Streamlyne at PHSU is to remove the paper processing related to Research Administration Compliance. We kindly recommend reading the guidelines carefully, answer all of the IRB questions directly related to the protocol needs and save your responses frequently. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Research Development from Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 787-840-2575 ext.4754.

Login to Steamlyne

1. Go to

2. PHSU employees can log in with their username and password.
To respond to the committee’s concerns or recommendations you must:
  • Submit a cover letter to the IRB Committee that includes each of the committee’s concerns (copy/paste). THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD BE IN PDF FORMAT AND PLACED IN THE NOTES & ATTACHMENTS SECTION.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIS DOCUMENT TO DR. SIMON CARLO.
  • Revisions in the answers to the Streamlyne Questionnaire MUST be followed by the letter “R” and the date (MM/DD/YYYY).  The IRB Committee requires this information as the platform does not allow highlighting revised text.
  • In the documents, use a highlighter (yellow)  to emphasize changes made.
**If you do not have a Streamlyne account, complete this form to request an account: ** For PHSU/PRI users, if you don’t remember your Streamlyne password or you need to reset it, please call (787)-840-2575 Ext. 5002 with the IT Department. For external users,  if you do not remember your Streamlyne password or you need to reset it, please fill out this form:  The process of password reset for the account will take from one to two labor days.  Once your password has reset, you will receive a notification to the email address provided with your login instructions.


This means that your protocol is missing an Approval. You can check the status by entering the protocol in EDIT – Protocol Actions – Route Log. There you will see the list of people that are missing to approve. If you’re have to APPROVE the protocol then enter the protocol by EDIT – Protocol Actions – Press the orange button below that says “APPROVE“.

Please complete this form to request an account: , from 1 to 3 days an email should be sent with the credentials needed to enter Streamlyne.

Follow the link:, you can download the instructions in the CITI Program Section as well as the mandatory ceritifcates to take

  • If you have an e-mail from PHSU ( or and not recall the password, please contact 787-840-2575 Ext. 4814 or email
  • If you are an external user and do not remember your password or wish to be re-established, please fill the following form:

To have and authorization letter from the PHSU Wellness Center, you may contact Dr. Juliette Rivera Collazo (Clinical Manager of PHSU Wellness Center.

Click here to download full instructions. (this instructions apply for approved Expedited and FullBoards) *Remember that Exempt protocol can’t be amended. For Exempts you must enter your protocol by Edit – Protocol Actions – Copy to New Document (select the option to copy the questionnaire)

Be aware of buttons and features used to collect/incorporate data in Streamlyne, such as the looking glass tool and particularly the “Add” button where available. These are often overlooked and can sometimes even be hidden off the side of the screen depending on your screen’s zoom. For example, this error commonly occurs in the “Participant Types” section when adding the type and number of participants.

  • Check for errors in the “Validation” section in the “Protocol Action” tab. Clicking “show” and “fix” will help you identify the errors and take you to the page where you can fix them.
  • Be sure all the fields in the “Protocol” tab marked with an asterisk are filled out.
  • In the “Questionnaire”, be sure to provide an answer to every question of the “New IRB Protocol” section.

If someone does not have a Streamlyne account, complete this form to request an account:


Please use the “Personnel” tab to add completed CITI certificates for Human Subjects Research and Information Privacy Security (IPS) for all researchers on a protocol.

For more information on this please visit:

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