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Solving some of the most pressing health challenges facing Hispanic communities.
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About Us

Ponce Research Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that provides the research infrastructure support for an exceptional group of scientists and research staff. Our researchers are committed to solving some of the most pressing health challenges facing Hispanic communities, in areas such as cancer, neuroscience, infectious diseases, women’s health, community-based research, and e-health initiatives. PRI provides modern research facilities that foster collaborative, integrative research. We have various ongoing collaborations within Puerto Rico, as well as with many institutions in the U.S. mainland, including a 10 year partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. We are leaders in clinical research in southwestern Puerto Rico, and have participated in over 275 Phase 1-Phase 4 clinical trials. Our institutional strategic plan includes additional expansion of our research team and facilities in the next five years. In doing so, we will not only contribute to an important body of research that will serve Hispanics across the U.S., we will also bring an influx of investment and job opportunities to our community. I encourage you to explore the Ponce Research Institute and feel free to contact us if you need additional information.
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Our Mission

Our research team is dedicated to ongoing research in the Basic, Behavioral, Public Health, and Clinical Sciences. Our mission is to make a difference by solving health disparities through groundbreaking, innovative and relevant research that has a global impact on health care.

Our Main Goal

Strengthen and expand research activities to diversify the scientific work and reduce health disparities.
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Kenira J. Thompson, Ph.D. President, Ponce Research Institute Vice-President of Research, PHSU

Welcome to the Ponce Research Institute

The Ponce Research Institute (PRI), in collaboration with the Ponce Health Sciences University, has a longstanding commitment towards conducting research that addresses Hispanic health disparities to improve the lives of the communities we serve.

PRI is dedicated to the highest standards of integrity in fulfilling its mission to grow, strengthen, promote, and safeguard our research enterprise. Our goal is to advance the excellence of research, scholarship, and creative activity in Puerto Rico by providing central services in research policy, compliance, contract development and negotiation, technology transfer, economic development, research administration, and communications. From proposal development to technology transfer, our offices assist PHSU-PRI investigators at every stage of the research process.

Given the complexity of the challenges we currently face, solutions require innovation, expertise, and infrastructure. Collaborations that engage multiple disciplines and cross the borders of the academic programs at PHSU, our affiliated hospitals as well as other partners, will leverage our strengths to produce significant outcomes. Whether we are engaging in team science with other institutions or launching joint ventures with private or public sectors, forming new partnerships is one of our priorities.

And while we have much of which to be proud in terms of research accolades, we are also very proud of the broader influence and impact our research (and service) is having on our communities. PRI and PHSU are recognized as pillars of southcentral Puerto Rico and are commonly called upon to use their knowledge for social, cultural and economic development, as well as relief efforts in time of need.

PRI researchers are viewed as trusted and reliable partners, who translate their research and mobilize their knowledge to ensure it’s placed in the hands of those who can put it to its best use. They are innovators and thought leaders, as demonstrated by their publications in leading journals, prestigious awards, and success in acquiring external funding. We will continue to expand our research enterprise with the addition of new faculty researchers, and new academic and industry collaborations.

I am proud and extremely lucky to lead such an amazing organization, with creative researchers whose work radiates throughout our community and has a major effect on our daily lives.

I encourage you to become a regular visitor to our website to learn more about the PRI. My team and I look forward to meeting you and providing exceptional service in support of your research endeavors.

~ Kenira J. Thompson, Ph.D. President, Ponce Research Institute Vice-President of Research
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